Flexible Money, DeFi Economy

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Flexible Money

PION is a supply elastic digital token that achieves equilibrium with the help of profit-seeking arbitrators.

Multi-Chain Future

PION will be represented on several blockchain in the future.

DUAL Token Economy!

Swap PION to PRISE token on PSwap to edge against rebase.

Random Rebase

With PION, the next rebase date and time is randomized to occur once a day, but not earlier than 12 hours and not later than 24 hours from the previous rebase!

Rebase Token Comparisons


  • Concept Development
  • Litepaper Version1.0
  • Website Launch
  • OTC Sale
  • Uniswap Liquidity

August 2020

  • IEO/LaunchPad listing
  • PION rebase launch & Litepaper V2
  • PION V1 to PION V2 swap.
  • PSwap Lauch

November 2020

December 2020

  • MESON launch
  • Listing on more exchanges,
  • wallets and cointracking sites


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